Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winterize Your Skin Event!

Much thanks to everyone who
 came out and supported us for The Winterize Your Skin Event
at Nordstrom in The Short Pump Fashion Park!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with one of my great friends Beth Cregger who came in to enjoy a little Chanel pampering. She brought her niece Rachael with her for her first experience in all that shimmers at Chanel.
Check out Beth's blog at My Fortunate Folly to read more about lipstick, laughs, and some great  lessons that can come from a Weekend Makeover!

We met some wonderful new people and got to spend some time with old friends in the process.
Thanks again for an AMAZING day and a SUPER SUCCESSFUL event!



  1. What a GREAT time, and fabulous pics above!

  2. I was there and saw a young woman learn how not to use cosmetics and become a zombie with black eyeliner. This should be a required course for all young women and for that matter, a lot of "seasoned" women. Cosmetics are for enhancing life, not preparing a death mask.

  3. I absolutely agree, Donald...and I'm so glad the Beauty Consultant was "teaching" the client the makeup application techniques rather than simply applying products and sending her on her way. If we as the Specialists are not giving our customers the knowledge and tools on how to recreate their makeup looks then we have NOT done our jobs.
    Thanks for the post!